They will:       put you in touch with one of our barristers.

Who will:        ask for your details; and

                          talk to you about the injury; and

                          talk with you about the potential claim; and

                          provide you with an initial view on whether

                          you have a good claim.

We will:          advise you on a high quality solicitor to

                          handle your claim.

We will:          treat you with respect and kindness.

Alternatively you can e-mail us: and we will call you.

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We are a leading set of barristers, in the City of London.



We specialise in psychiatric  injuries cases, acting mainly for claimants.


We work with a team of the brightest and best solicitors, to build your brain injuries claim and to bring it to a good settlement.


We will represent you in court if you need to go to trial.



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